Five Reasons Why Paxi Islands Are Awesome

Paxi(also known as Paxoi) is a small group of islands. It is the smallest of the Ionian Islands. Paxi is located just below Corfu Island, seven miles from the south of Corfu and twelve miles from Parga port. The three main settlements in Paxi Island is Lakka, Gaios, and Loggos. Paxi Island is popularly known among the Greeks as it is surrounded by crystalline waters, tranquil bays, and picturesque harbors. The beaches have excitingly clean emerald water ideal for swimming. Paxi Island is a combination of natural beauty and cosmopolitan vibes.

Exotic Beaches
Though Paxi Island is the smallest Ionian Island, more than twenty beaches are surrounding it. A majority of the beaches surrounding Paxi Island have pebbles instead of sands. You will find pebbles on the beaches on the eastern coast and cliffs and sea rocks on the western coast. The most popular beach on Paxi Island is Plakes beach. All the beaches surrounding Paxi Island have clear water and are the right place for water sports and boat cruise.

Natural Atmosphere
Paxi Island is a natural paradise. Paxi Island is filled with natural trees and plants that give you a good and pleasing atmosphere. The island has secret coves and trails or paths surrounded by lush green olive groves. Paxi Island is indeed nature's place, where you can relax and enjoy the feel of nature. You can also study and discover aquatic animals. The island is the right place for relaxation without disturbance, see the trees waving and hear the waves' excellent sound.

Paxi Island has two museums, namely the Folklore museum and Olive museum located in Gaios and Lakka. The museum takes you back to thousands of years of history of Paxi Island. It describes the traditional Paxi house with multiple exhibitions that point out the locals' circumstances. The museum also has a collection of findings from prehistoric years. The Olive Museum in Lakka is also worth visiting. It is housed in a well-preserved olive oil press, and it hosts an extensive collection of tools and olive production means.

Bars And Restaurants
Paxi Island has bars and restaurants in various parts. The restaurant offers a quality range of choices containing mainly seafood (such as lobster, crab, crayfish, clams, mollusks, and fish) with a Mediterranean menu based on subtle flavors. Beverages, alcohol, and cocktails are also available at the bars in Paxi Island. You can throw parties and gigs in the bars. They also have karaoke nights. The bars and restaurants in Paxi Island give you a good view of the Island and sunset.

Boat Cruise
The only way to get to Paxi Island is through a ferry or a boat. It provides one the opportunity to explore the island on the sea. Various boat cruises are organized. For somebody who has never been on a boat, the opportunity to do so is provided on Paxi Island. On the boat cruise, you will have the opportunity to discover various places on the island, see some aquatic animals in their natural habitat, and even feel the natural breeze. Food, drinks, and music are provided on the boat cruise.

If all this makes you wish you could spend a lifetime on Paxi islands, we completely understand. It is in fact a very viable option, check for more information on affordable properties in these beautiful islands.

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