5 Uniquely Greek Products To Bring From Athens as Souvenirs

Souvenirs are much more than just products bought by each traveler during his journey. They are not accepted by people just because they have to. The souvenir shopping hides something much deeper inside them. We would say that the souvenirs hide inside them our own travel stories and the great history of the exact place we visit. Every piece of a keepsake that we buy from Athens, the capital of enchanting Greece, has a different story to tell. And imagine you have to choose from hundreds of item choices. What would be those five separate items that you should single out when shopping at the airport or someplace else? The answer comes straight away:

Olive wood crafts

As it has been mentioned numerous times, the olive tree is the tree that symbolizes the culture and the people of Greece. In addition to the products produced by this tree, people create various and beautiful crafts from its wood. Creations such as cutting wood, bottle openers, and wooden kitchen spoons, all of which are decorated with hand-drawn paintings. These products will give a more "natural" feeling to your home and specifically to your kitchen and are a great choice.

Handmade Byzantine Icons

Greece is a country that has always honored its orthodoxy, and this is immediately apparent from its thousands of churches. That is why it is very likely that you will encounter various Byzantine icons of saints of Christianity in your wanderings, which have been created by talented Greek artists who honor religion with their works. Whether you belong to Christianity's doctrine or not, buying such an image, plated with precious silver or gold, is definitely a special and valuable purchase for your trip.

Greek tea

On the rocky mountains and the country's slopes grows the siderite plant, from which the famous Greek tea, aka "mountain tea" is produced. Also renowned is the sage plant, a tea that sharpens the human memory while strengthening the body. Overall, the consumption of Greek tea presents enormous benefits for health. So the purchase of a traditional and natural tea becomes essential for every visitor of the country. And now, through the page of the Greek Bio Store, you get the opportunity to order your favorite Greek tea and beverage from the security of your home. Organic products, carefully collected from nature, will be found right at your door!

"Flokati" carpets

The flokati rug is not an ordinary rug. It is a carpet with a history. A story that goes back a long way to when shepherds used sheep wool for protection from low temperatures. It was then used as a bed cover and as a decoration option for the traditional houses of the time. Today, of course, it is used as a very convenient, warm, and quality carpet, which will be able to highlight your private space.

Demitasse cups

Another great feature of the country is its delicious Greek coffee. There is nothing better than walking through the city's small cafes and enjoying your Greek coffee at a small table, next to an elderly (usually) man reading their morning newspaper. So how would you feel if you took some of this magic with you?

By buying a set of coffee cups from Greece with different colors, designs, and aesthetics, you will make a quality gift to yourself and those you love back in your homeland. Even if they enjoy their espresso in this cup that you will buy them!

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