3 Ways To Live Your Travel Dreams In Retirement

What better way to spend your golden years than travelling the globe, taking in the incredible sights the world has to offer? 

Those who live for adventure will never be short of travel inspiration and no matter where you are in life, your dream journey is just waiting for you – sometimes right around the corner! 

Whether you’re thinking of taking an early retirement soon or simply making plans for the future, these are just three incredible ways to live your travel dreams in later life. 

1 - Take a cruise 

Cruises are a fantastic travel opportunity for couples, individuals and families of all ages. 

Whether you choose to fly (or rather, sail!) solo, with a partner, children or even grandchildren, they’re a truly luxurious travel experience that will never be forgotten. 

The Caribbean is one of the most popular cruise spots in the world for a number of reasons, not least of all the fabulous weather the region enjoys virtually all year round.

If you dream of the chance to see as much of the world as possible, a cruise can offer you the trip of a lifetime. 

2 - Live abroad 

Perhaps you’ve always wanted to live abroad, but commitments at home held you back? 

Maybe you never had the confidence to up sticks and leave, or simply never found the right place? 

Whatever your reasoning, there’s no better time than retirement to take the leap into the unknown and brave a whole new change of scene. 

When it comes to moving abroad, the possibilities are literally endless, but one of the best countries in the world for expatriates is Portugal, whose Golden Visa scheme encourages investors from across the world to make their home in major cities like Lisbon and Porto. 

Portugal’s Golden Visa scheme is a fast-track to residency and citizenship that has led families, couples and retirees all over the world to this incredible country. Find a qualifying investment in the form of your dream home via real estate gurus Property Lisbon

This is just one way to build a new life overseas, but it’s one of the best, as Portugal’s EU membership gives investors the opportunity to live and travel through all Schengen states, meaning the scheme opens doors for those with sights set on international ambitions. 

3 - A bucket list tour 

Some people have one dream destination they’re determined to see at least once in their life. 

Others have a whole list of must-see spots around the globe – and what better way to celebrate retirement than crossing as many as you can off the list? 

If a round-the-world trip sounds too ambitious for your liking, start small – for instance, check out the top landmarks in France, embark on a tour of the English countryside or even head out for a road trip to cram in all the sights! 

These are just three ideas for those who dream of a nomadic retirement that will hopefully inspire your travels! 

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