3 Top Tips For Travel Bloggers During Lockdown

Now that the vast majority of travel bloggers and writers are stuck at home due to lockdown, you’d be forgiven for thinking that there’s nothing to write about. 

But with a little imagination, your blog can continue to build and develop its relationship with its readers even in these testing times. 

These are just three tips that will keep your blog thriving 

1 Look to the future… and the past! 

Now is a good time to upcycle some previous content for your followers, especially if you ‘ve gained new readers recently who may have missed out on earlier blogs. 

For instance, why not put together a round up of your personal favourite posts from your site? Alternatively, your new content could reminisce on past adventures and treasured memories. 

And of course, it’s never too soon to start planning for your next trip. Share your bucket lists with your readers – top places you want to visit after the pandemic, or landmarks you’ve always wanted to see. 

Like many travel lovers, you’re probably spending your days fantasising over dream destinations right now, and your readers are too, so sharing is caring! 

2 Diversify your content 

Don’t be afraid to mix it up. Just because you’re a travel blog doesn’t mean you can’t break out of that zone and experiment! 

Ask your readers what type of content they might like to see from you – this may mean exploring different topics in your posts, or perhaps even trialling whole new formats, such as video blogging. 

If you aren’t already, make the most of social media too – it’s a great way to maintain communication with your readers and can even be a way to gather user-generated content – this can either be featured on your own social media page or can even form the basis of a blog post (‘Readers Share Their Dream Trips/ Lockdown Hobbies/ Travel Memories’, for example). 

3 Explore digital marketing

The era ahead is undeniably a quiet one for travellers and bloggers alike. 

But the travel industry is certain to see a boom once it’s safe for holidaymakers to commence their adventures once again. 

And when the time comes, it’s blogs like yours that people will be turning to for tips on the best post-lockdown getaways 

Making sure that yours stands out from the rest is a process that will take time, so now is a great opportunity to lay the groundwork with a digital marketing campaign. 

Many bloggers enlist the help of experts like Maratopia Digital Marketing to bump their sites up search engine listings and raise their online profile. Using SEO and link building techniques to maximise your reach will not only expand your readership, but also enhance your opportunities when it comes to growing your blog into a personal brand. 

We hope these three simple tips help you to continue your blog during lockdown – stay agile and you’ll bounce back on the flipside!  

Are you a travel blogger? How have you adapted your content this year? Let us know in the comments below!

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